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This week at Good Eats – 11/19


Well, we know what this is… our final email special notification of this season.

This season seems to have gone by much quicker than in years past.

It really sunk in last weekend, when our customers started saying  “goodbye and see you next year!” The relationship that we have developed with you over the years sustains us, and keeps us sharp and creative no matter the bumps and potholes we encounter in the road through a season. For this we say thank you, and thank you again.

Now here is the funny part about the specials this weekend. Steve is being very creative in cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, so to speak. We know we will have some pork loin special on Friday & Saturday, a flounder and tuna special, and he’s also going to run the crab pasta that was on the summer menu as a special this weekend. So plenty of specials, but what they are going to be exactly will be determined throughout his cooking day.

For certain, tonight, Thursday is Prime Rib Night and we will of course offer ½ off any bottle of wine for Friday Night.

The most asked question recently has been when are we going to reopen for our 2010 season, and to be honest, we aren’t exactly sure. It may be a couple weeks later than last years’ opening of Valentine’s weekend.  We are also discussing the possibility of doing some wine dinners in Feb. & March. One thing is for certain; you’ll be the first to know by getting an email notification from us.

If anyone would like to purchase Good Eats gift certificates for this holiday, either email us, or call the restaurant and leave a message at (804) 472-4385.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday & New Year,

Thank you,
Steve & Sally

This week at Good Eats – 11/12


With just two weeks remaining of the current season, we are honoring another special and soup request that came from our customers emails for this weekend.

Drum roll please….

Specials for this week are:

Sweet Potato Soup with Smokey Bacon & Chilpotle

Rack of Lamb Chops with Autumn Risotto

Grilled Tuna with Wasabi Butter & Pickled Ginger

Flounder with Buttered Back fin Crabmeat
(if local fish can be sourced in this weather)

Thursday is Prime Rib Night, Friday features half-price bottles of wine and this Sunday is the last Fried Oyster Night of this season.

Some community news:

On November 21st from 11am-4pm, Vault Field Vineyards in Kinsale is hosting their 2nd Annual Holiday Barrel Tasting, with part of the ticket proceeds being donated to the Cople District Volunteer Fire Dept. Call (804) 472-4430 for more info.

Also, tickets are currently on sale for The Westmoreland Players production of ‘Miracle On 34th Street, running from Dec.4th-Dec.20th. Call 529-9345.

Hope to see you,
Sally & Steve

This week at Good Eats – 11/5


Wouldn’t you know that last weeks’ most requested special wish list from our customers’ was the ever-popular flounder with buttered back fin crabmeat? AGAIN!!!  So last chance for this season to get this entrée. One year, we actually had the flounder on our menu as a regular entrée. Sales tanked. Go figure. However, we sell out every night when we run it as a special!

Three weekends remaining of our current season, with our closing date of November 21st.

Specials for this week are:

Soup: Salmon Chowder with Fresh Dill

Grilled Tuna with Lemon Vinaigrette & Mediterranean Topping

Flounder with Buttered Back fin Crabmeat

Thursday is Prime Rib Night, Friday features half-price bottles of wine and Sundays are Fried Oyster Night.

For those of you looking for a fun afternoon of wine tasting and food, Vault Field Vineyard, in Kinsale will be hosting their 2nd Annual Fall Barrel Tasting on November 21st from 11am-4pm. Not only can you enjoy their excellent wines, you’ll be donating to a very worthy cause, as partial proceeds of ticket sales are being donated to the Cople District Volunteer Fire Dept. Call (804) 472-4430 for ticket info.

Hope to see you,
Sally & Steve