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This Week at Good Eats – 4/28


Well being that we were closed last Sunday for Easter, we’ve had to keep our proud buttons tightly closed for an extra week before getting a chance to tell you about the Bloody Mary now featured for $2 during our Sunday brunch. Two loyal recipients of this weekly mail had written in with suggestions: how about discounted screwdrivers and bloodies for brunch was one, the second described, among many excellent suggestions, a spice blend to rim the glass of a Bloody Mary. Long experience has proven the adage “necessity is the mother of invention”, and this proved to be no exception. ‘Cause in order to serve a $2 bloody with the quality liquor we use (nothing cheap in the building) we were forced to start from scratch, making our own tomato juice mixer. Dug out an old recipe from a 1981 stint in the Hamptons, started with that and worked until we got something that was a Good Eat, then got the coffee grinder out and started a blending. Hmm hm hm , insert smile here, have we ever got a treat for your Sunday morning wake-up. Available all the time really, but just two bucks between 10 and 2 on Sundays.

Along with the asparagus we’ve been featuring the past couple of weeks, our local farm source has provided us with arugula, which, starting Friday, we will use to make

Spring Tonic Soup with Arugula Pesto.

Also in the soup will be fresh watercress harvested from a spring deep in my woods. Pristine would be the adjective and enjoy the verb.

Specials will be:

Salmon Oscar


Roast Pork Loin with Mushrooms, Pancetta and Tarragon.

Tonight is Date Night (among other selections, Salmon Cakes w/ Spring Greens Salad and Risotto with Roast Asparagus) Friday features half-price bottles of wine, we interrupt this mail to report we’re finally going to get sunny weather on a week-end, (it’s been since the middle of March), we’re wide open on Saturday and Sunday is the brunch.

Thank you for your continued support and

We hope to see you.

This Week at Good Eats – 4/21


A most important note to start this mail, Good Eats Cafe will be closed on Sunday for Easter.

Tonight, Thursday, is Date Night. Among other things come to discover a roast asparagus appetizer, crab pasta, and a pork dish that features pancetta (Italian-style bacon) and mushrooms.

Friday and Saturday we will feature the mushroom soup I wrote about (and gave the recipe to) last spring as well as
Salmon Oscar, salmon topped with asparagus, crabmeat and a glaze, honestly one of the most popular dishes we do.

Thank you so much for your support, and

We hope to see you.

This Week at Good Eats – 4/14


Before I forget for the 3rd week in a row, Good Eats will be open for lunch and dinner on Wednesday, April 20. It’s Garden Week for the Garden Club of Virginia and this year the tour is based in Westmoreland County. Three houses on the tour are right down Cople Hwy (the road we’re on) in Hague, less than 10 minutes from us. We will be serving box lunches for both take-away and dine-in from 11am – 2:30. We will offer our dinner menu from 5 – 7:30. (ps, no other restaurants anywhere close are open that day)

Tonight is date night, two courses each for two people and a bottle of wine for $35. We are not going to post these individual menus on the website, only a “Sample Menu” so you can see the format. We will always include a Cafe Salad as one of the “Appetizer” selections in case you don’t wish to try the other offerings, which tonight will be a Grilled Romaine Salad topped with a Poached Egg and a North African Mussel Soup. Broiled Flounder and Fricassee of Chicken are two of the “Entree” selections.

Friday and Saturday nights we will feature an

Amish Chicken Noodle Soup

to help keep your immune system up during allergy season.

Specials will be, ready now?,

Salmon Oscar

yes, the first asparagus of the year is here now, paired with backfin crabmeat and a glaze of our creation.

I wanted to serve the Oscar tonight as well but the fish is flown in from Scotland (the best of the farmed choices) and isn’t available till Friday.

Also on special is

Roast Pork Loin topped with Caramelized Onions, Roast Portabellas and Blue Cheese.

And then on Sunday comes a better brunch. Good reviews on the menu (phew, remember the scarecrow analogy), a change in hours to 10am – 2pm and a drink special. On Sundays we are going to feature $2 Screwdrivers and Bloody Mary’s.

Time to go cook. Thank you again for your continued strong support and

We hope to see you.

Oh oh oh oh oh. I’m looking over my notes and we will also be featuring a new wine starting this week, a white Cotes de Rhone, a Marsanne Roussanne, a delicious white wine. $26 a bottle, $5.50 by the glass and available on Friday as a half-price bottle.

This Week at Good Eats – 4/9 Sunday Brunch

Hi,   I really hope a second email this week isn’t seen as an intrusion. Here is the menu we will be using tomorrow as we set out serving brunch.

The Good Eats Breakfast $6.95
2 eggs any style, sausage, bacon & choice of grits or hash browns

Eggs Benedict $7.95
English muffins with Canadian bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

Crabmeat Benedict $9.95
English muffins with crabmeat, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

Biscuits & Gravy $7.95
Drop biscuits with poached egggs topped with sausage cream gravy

Portabella, Leek and Cheese Omelette $7.95

A Crabmeat Omelette $9.95

All of the eggs dishes above will come with hash browns

Shrimp & Grits $10.95
Like daddy at night but slimmer

Blackened Prime Rib Sandwich $10.95
Served with horseradish sauce and french fries

Crabcake Sandwich $10.95
Choice of tartar or cockail sauce, with french fries

Hope you’re having a great day and

We hope to see you.

This Week at Good Eats – 4/7


Ha, so I was walking the dogs last night about 7:30 and a thought pops in, and it’s the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, “if only I had a brain,” and I could finish the thought because if I only had a brain I wouldn’t have scheduled two big changes in format for the same week.

Tonight, and every Thursday for as far as I can see, is “Date Night.” At the bottom of this mail is the menu for tonight and the menu also explains the format. This menu will change with great regularity. As mentioned last week, for us this is a teaching and learning opportunity, and down the road it is going to reap huge benefits; you will see.

Our regular dinner menu is also available on Thursdays. We have added Backfin Crabcakes to the menu and removed the fried oysters. We will have Flounder topped with Buttered Backfin Crabmeat as a special, in all likelihood there will be another special and there will be a soup, but I will have to wait until after tonight to access my fresh food situation before a choice is made.

And on Sunday comes a brunch. Our new Sunday hours are 11:00 – 2:30. I wish I could attach a copy of that menu but there have been some problems sourcing ingredients (and now you understand the opening paragraph) but by Saturday morning we’ll know what we have and then so will you. Not to worry, the eggs came in. And the visit yesterday to the bison farm was productive. And Eric makes superb Bloodies and Mimosas.

So here we go. What follows is tonights menu and the template for all future Date Night menus.

Date Night – April 7

Two people choose two courses each and a bottle of wine from this menu for $35.


Café Salad   Choice of Sesame Tahini or Parmesan Peppercorn Dressing

Bruschetta of White Beans and Grilled Shrimp

Bulgur, Red Lentil and Ginger Soup


Linguine with Mussels and Sage in a Red Sauce

Pork Loin with Apricot Compote and Melted Cheddar

Roast Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes and Tarragon

Flounder with a Lemon Dijon Glaze with Dill

The Wines

Forestville Chardonnay

Dominio de Eguren “Protocolo”

Crane Lake White Zinfandel

Sea Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon

Mars and Venus Merlot

Crane Lake Red Zinfandel

We hope to see you