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This Week at Good Eats – July 24, 2014


Well it sure did take awhile after that cold spring but the local crop of summer produce is now in full swing, and of course we take advantage, starting with an Italian Tomato and Bread Soup. Flush with the goodness of ripe tomatoes, finished with generous handfuls of fresh basil, and the croutons become like soft pillows, absorbing it all. It’s a similar theme also for Summer Risotto with Soft Shell Crab, known locally as a Northern Neck summer in a bowl what with the addition of tomatoes, corn and butter beans. We had mentioned the stupid price of the meat we use for Prime Rib; this is definitely the last week it will be available here until the cost becomes sensible again. Reservations for the Cafe can be made by calling 804-472-4385.

We also mentioned that we would be doing another wine dinner at SpunTino next Thursday night, 4-courses with matching wines, $55 per person, starting at 6:30. The menu is set, our samples for pairing arrive today, and then we will announce them. In the meantime here is the menu:

Salad of Walnuts, Golden Raisins, Bacon and Blue Cheese Straws

Roast Salmon Fruits de Mer 

Rack of Lamb Chops on a bed of White Beans and Red Rice

Fresh Gingerbread with Caramel Fruit Compote

For reservations call the Cafe phone listed above.

The “flights” of wines we started last week were very well received so we’ll do that again this week. Jim is now really into flights; come by and we bet you will be too.

That’s the good food news this week, thanks always for your support and

We hope to see you.

This Week at Good Eats – July 17, 2014


Yes the Cafe is open Friday and Saturday this week, all the crew is back at work. Doing the wine dinners sure was fun though, both for those who got to taste and dine and for those who got to cook and pair. So much fun that we spent some time figuring out how to do wine dinners even while the Cafe is open, and, get your calendars ready, two weeks from today, Thursday July 31st we will do a 4-course dinner with matching wines at 6:30pm, priced at $55. Same phone number as for Cafe reservations, 804-472-4385. We will post menu and pairings on our website within a day or two, but we already know rack of lamb will be one of the red wine courses. Back to the Cafe, … those of you who are fans of our prime rib might want to make an effort to come this weekend. The wholesale price of our quality meat has pushed past $9 a pound and refuses to come down. We bought in big back when the price was closer to $7 a pound, but this week is probably the end of our reserve.

At SpunTino this weekend we are going to offer “flights” of the wines we serve by the glass. In our case a flight will be 3 – 2oz glasses, and we will have four different groupings available. The beauty of the flight idea is that over the course of just one meal you get to try, then decide for yourself what is your favorite of each variety. The groupings will be: sauvignon blanc, pinot gris/pinot grigio, chardonnay and pinot noir.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been announcing that cooking classes would resume again. Seems the summer is the wrong season to try to do the format we were offering and so have decided to postpone offering classes for now. Maybe this fall, maybe a different format, we’ll see.

That’s the good food news, thanks always for your strong support and

We hope to see you.

This Week at Good Eats – July 10, 2014


The dishwasher being away this weekend for a wedding wasn’t going to be a big deal, but when my lead cook let me know that she had hurt her foot moving furniture, and that the doctor had told her no work for a week, it quickly dawned that it is not possible for me to do all the cooking necessary to open Good Eats, and so, the Cafe will NOT be open this Friday and Saturday. BUT …

In an effort to make lemonade out of this situation, Jim and I have put together a 5-course wine dinner that we are going to host at SpunTino at 6:30pm both Friday and Saturday this weekend only. The menu is below; the cost is $65 per person and if you would like to attend you should make a reservation by calling 804-472-4385. Good food paired with good wine; the beef tenderloin course is paired with Vina Herminia Rioja Excelsus, named by Wine Spectator magazine as the 39th best wine released in 2013! And we know this is very late notice; think “pop-up” lemonade stand, ha.

Deep in last weeks email we announced that the School of Good Eats was going to resume teaching the recipes and techniques we use in making our food. The first class will begin on Wednesday July 23 from 3:00 – 5:00pm and the subject is Summer Soups. This is a four-part series, held on consecutive Wednesdays, and among others, will feature Corn and Crab Chowder, Watermelon Gazpacho, and Chilled Cucumber Soup. Each class also features a selection of wines to taste with that days soup(s). The cost is $35 a session for a total of $140. Class size is purposely kept small to ensure real learning; to secure your spot in the class call Good Eats with your credit card information.

For those of you who took the summer soups class last year, on Thursday, July 31, we will start a new series, also focused on summer soups, but with new and different recipes and techniques. Same format, but four consecutive Thursdays, also held from 3:00 – 5:00pm, and the cost is also the same. Still working on just which soups will be featured (tain’t easy staying ahead of these folks) but for sure two versions of gazpacho, Vichyssoise, and a Thai Chicken Soup with kaffir lime leaves. If you’re interested call to secure your place.

Also mentioned last week was the possibility of an evening class that would begin at 6:30pm, probably on Wednesdays. If that would interest you please reply to this mail; enough interest and we’ll make it happen.

That’s the news this week, sorry to disappoint with the Cafe not opening, hoping the wine dinner can make up for that and

We hope to see you at SpunTino.


Wine Dinner    July 11 – 12   6:30pm

$65 per person


Roulade of Prosciutto and Mozzarella with Balsamic Vinegar Jelly

Francois Montand Sparkling Brut Rose


Grilled Peach and Blue Cheese Salad

Talbott “Kali Hart” Chardonnay


Tarragon-infused Shrimp and Scallops with Cheese Grits

Michel Gassier “Cercius” Cotes de Rhone


Grilled Brochette of Beef Tenderloin with Portabella Mushrooms and Gratineed Potatoes

2009 Vina Herminia Rioja Excelsus


Summer Berries with Sabayon Mousse

Centorri Moscato

This Week at Good Eats – July 1, 2014


In an effort to get the news out before the 4th, we’re coming to you a couple days early this week. Our schedule is probably the important news; Good Eats Cafe will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5:00 – 8:30pm this weekend. As mentioned last week the menu is posted on our website, we will also feature soft shell crabs and the soup will be Corn and Crab Chowder. Reservations are available by calling 804-472-4385.

SpunTino is open Wed – Sunday from noon – 7pm and will be a cool oasis no matter the weather. Also, should you be looking for wine this week, SpunTino has a very good variety of hand-selected bottles in all price points for takeaway sales.

And here’s news for those of you who have expressed an interest in cooking classes, the School of Good Eats will start a 4-part series on summer soups on Wednesday, July 23. This series will run four consecutive Wednesdays from 3:00 – 5:00pm and will cost $35 a class for a total of $140. This set of classes will be comprised of the same soup lessons as the class we taught last year. We’ll describe all the classes in full next week.

For those of you who took the summer soups class last year, on Thursday, July 31, we will start a new series, also focused on summer soups, but with new and different recipes and techniques. Same format, but four consecutive Thursdays, also held from 3:00 – 5:00pm, and the cost is also the same. To reserve a spot in either of the two sets of classes, call Good Eats at 804-472-4385 with your credit card information.

Lastly on the School front, we almost got an evening series of classes off the ground last year. If you would like an opportunity to learn the recipes and techniques of Good Eats, are not able to make it in the afternoon but could come in the early evening (6:00, 6:30) reply to this mail and if there is enough interest we’ll see about making it happen this year.

That’s the news, have a very enjoyable holiday and

We hope to see you.

This Week at Good Eats – June 26, 2014


As announced last week, we have now gone to a format where we will use the same menu all summer, and then add “specials” to keep it all interesting. Shrimp & Grits was the last of our signatures added to that menu, and I just want to say that, despite all the work that S & G takes, your very vocal appreciation makes it all worthwhile. Thank you. The summer menu is available on the website; in addition to what you see there we will also have soft shell crabs, and Curried Corn Soup with Coconut Milk and Crab. Reservations are available by calling 804-472-4385.

At Spuntino on Saturday afternoon we will be featuring Matt Leader from The Country Vintner, who will be doing a tasting of “summer value wines.” They came in today, they’re chilling as we write and read, and Matt insists, “These are proven winners.” He’s here Saturday from 1 – 5, and is also available for any other wine pointers you may be looking for.

Thank you again for your wonderful support and

We hope to see you.

This Week at Good Eats – June 19, 2014


Ok, just finished making gritscakes, which can only mean one thing, except, in this case it means two things. Yes we will have Shrimp and Grits this weekend, and, we are switching this week to a menu that will be the same all summer. It is available as a PDF, so if you’re going mobile, look for it here. If you don’t have time to look at menu’s, here’s the brief: Prime Rib, Fantasticks, Crab Pasta, Shrimp & Grits, Scallops Sublime, Crabcakes, and Tuna with tapenade and lemon vinaigrette. Also we will have soft shells as a special and our soup will be Curried Corn in Coconut Milk with Crabmeat. Reservations are made by calling 804-472-4385.

Spuntino is open again following the installation of the heat pump system, a very nice 72 degrees today. Noon to 7:00 the rest of the week through Sunday.

Looking ahead we will be open on Friday the 4th of July, as well as Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th. Spuntino will run its usual Wed – Sunday, noon – 7:00 that week.

That’s the good food news this week, thanks so much for your support and

We hope to see you.

This Week at Good Eats – June 12, 2014


Just a short note to let you know that this weeks menu will feature Prime Rib, soft shell crabs, Scallops Sublime, Fantasticks, grilled tuna and crab cakes. Reservations for the Cafe can be made by calling 804-472-4385.

Also, Spuntino is open from noon – 7:00, including Sunday ‘s. Jim Fallon will again be available this weekend to help in wine selection.

Thanks always for your strong support and

We hope to see you.

This Week at Good Eats – June 5, 2014


Ok, the new electric is all in. As is the water line to the restaurant that got broken as the trenching for the electric was being done. Now just waiting on the propane people to get here to replace the copper tubing from the propane tank that got torn up while repairing the water line. Ha, you think I’m kidding don’t you.

But the show goes on. It’s looking like a pretty good show too; we’ll be adding Fantasticks to the menu this week, Fantasticks being skewers of shrimp and filet mignon with the Portabella Mushroom Sauce. To go along with Prime Rib, Scallops Sublime, Crabcakes, Soft Shells and Tuna with Lemon Vinaigrette. Reservations are made by calling 804-472-4385.

Spuntino will be open the rest of the week (noon-7, including Sunday) now that all the repairs are finished. Jim Fallon will be here again this week-end to offer assistance in choosing just the right bottle of wine.

Thanks again for your strong support and

We hope to see you.